Leverage LinkedIn to Extend Your Marketing Reach

LinkedIn, a popular social media platform for business, has been popular for quite some time. More than 300,000 users per week check profiles in various industries, and more people are joining all the time. Even if you’ve joined, have you harnessed the power of LinkedIn to expand your digital marketing reach? Read on to learn how.


Build Your Profile


A good starting point is building your personal profile along with your company’s profile. A profile on LinkedIn shows others who you are, your brand, and your place in your industry. Starting with the summary section, you can share the story of your business and what makes it unique.  But don’t stop there–ideas for content include videos, infographics, photos, articles, and blog content from your website. Naturally, all content should be well-written and free of errors, and videos and photos formatted for display on all devices. Adding a professional photo of yourself can increase your chances of getting noticed; according to a LinkedIn article, profiles with photos get more connection requests, profile views, and messages. 


Build Your Connections


Once you have your summary section complete, and your content prepared, you can seek out connections within and outside your industry. Such connections can include present and past coworkers, associates in networking groups, vendors and suppliers, and customers. Start slowly, focusing on quality over quantity. Once you start adding connections, you will receive prompts for additional connections–perhaps even that “dream client” you’ve always wanted to work with. Commenting on others’ content will help boost your visibility, too. When adding connections of your connections, including a brief note of introduction and purpose can help you break the ice. This, as well as joining groups, is a good way to leverage your contacts and expand your reach.


Join and Participate in Groups


Groups for industries and common interests abound on LinkedIn, and joining one can help build your presence.  Groups are conversational and collaborative, and provide valuable input like ideas for handling common business problems. More than that, group membership increases your trustworthiness, showing your willingness to interact with and help others. Not only can you receive valuable input, you can share your own experience and insight with others.


LinkedIn is a valuable resource for networking, expanding your visibility and reach. For help with amplifying your LinkedIn presence and your marketing reach, contact ClikCloud today.